About KYLures

Matt Wickham is the webmaster for KYLures. He is a founder of the Society for the Restitution of Decayed Piscatorial Intelligence. "Decayed Intelligence" is information that is rapidly disappearing or degrading. He aspires to preserve and restore the information, as well as some of the artifacts associated with the piscatorial art. He is a member of the National Fishing Lure Collector's Club (NFLCC) and the Old Reels Collector Association (ORCA) and is a lifelong resident of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. He can be reached via email at matt@kylures.com, and maintains a website at www.kylures.com. He is always interested in acquiring old fishing tackle or learning more about fishing tackle made in Kentucky. Although he currently makes his living as the owner of a software services and consulting company, he hopes to someday earn an honest living in the angling and tackle community. Write or email if you have an old bait store for sale.

Matt Wickham
9462 Brownsboro Rd. #300
Louisville, KY 40241

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