Fishing Tackle Collector’s Selected U.S. Patents

DVD Collection of over 170,000 Pages of Fishing Tackle Patents on Three DVDs

  • Class 43 – Fishing, Trapping, and Vermin Destroying. lures, decoys, rods, some reels connected to rods, hooks, nets, sinkers, tackle boxes and minnow traps, traps of all kinds. Vermin destroying methods are not included in any of these disks.
  • Class 242 – Winding, Tensioning, or Guiding. This includes fishing reels, and a whole lot of other stuff.

Why DVDs instead of USPTO?

  • View on your computer with a DVD drive
  • DVDs are local and much faster than anything ever available before
  • DVDs allow searching and browsing using Microsoft Windows software
  • Organized by broader Collector Categories, not patent/inventor categories
  • Easier to find things
  • Indexes coming soon!

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DVD Disk 1 - Lures, Rods, Hooks DVD Disk 2 - Fishing and Trapping Misc
DVD Disk 3 - Reels Order DVDs
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