Fishing Tackle Clubs and Links



The National Fishing Lure Collectors Club (NFLCC) is a non-profit, educational, international organization founded in 1976. The primary objectives of the NFLCC are to foster an awareness of fishing tackle collecting as a hobby and to assist members in the location, identification, and trading of vintage fishing-related equipment.  The NFLCC encompasses every aspect of collecting fishing-related tackle and ephemera (i.e. Reels, rods, catalogs, advertising, minnow traps and buckets, creels, photo's, etc.), not just fishing lures.  We are members and highly recommend you join this organization.

ORCA is The Old Reel Collectors Association, Inc., is a non-profit, educational corporation whose purpose is education through the collection and distribution of historical and technical data regarding fishing reels, their development and their inventors and manufacturers from the earliest times through the present day. In order to enhance the knowledge of these subjects, the collection and preservation of examples of post production reels is to be encouraged for the benefit of present and future generations.


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